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Acàcia wine

White Macabeu wine variety uncommon in varietal wines because it says that this lacks expressiveness. We observe and spoil his whole personality getting extract

The vineyard is located in the territory of the river Ebro on a land characterized as sandy and silty.

The Macabeo white wine fermentation begins in stainless steel tanks and ends in acacia wood barrels, where it remains until six months after the end of fermentation. The battonage is performed during this time of aging gives structure and acacia sensations unique to the wine.

Wine tones of straw, of palidessa strong, clean and shiny. Denotes a subtle aroma of tropical fruits and white, with floral and citrus notes. In his voluminous presence surprise mouth dropping apple and pear flavors that combine with soft hints of anise.

Harvest and selection of the grapes is done manually, which is chosen that has the necessary maturity and presesta an optimal state of health. Maceration takes place at low temperature for 48 hours and then the juice is removed without press. Fermentation takes place in two phases; begins in stainless steel tanks and ends in acacia wood barrels, where it will remain until six months after the end of fermentation. The battonage applied during aging gives a good presence in the mouth of acacia wood and the sensations of this wine. Alcohol content: 13% vol.

"A monovarietal in essence, a variety of taste sensations and intense personality"

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D.O.: Tarragona

Vintage: 2015

Production: 600 bottles

Variety: 100% Macabeo

Aging: six months in acacia barrels with battonage

Tasting notes: A clean and bright looking wine with pale straw color. It has a subtle nose of white and tropical fruit, combined with floral and citric notes. In the mouth it surprises with its voluminous presence, leaving a persistent taste of apples and pears and smooth shades of aniseed.

Grapes of proper ripeness and optimum health are selected and harvested by hand. Prefermentative pellicular maceration takes place for 48 hours at low temperature, after which the must is removed without press. Fermentation is carried out in two steps, starting in stainless tanks and finalized in acacia barrels, where it remains for six months after fermentation. Battonage is used during maturation and the special qualities of the acacia barrels assurethea satisfying presence of this wine on the palate.
Alcohol content: 13% vol.


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