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 Arbequina Oil

Arbequina olive oil obtained exclusively from olives of this variety of fruity aroma with citrus tones and predominantly sweet taste of excellence and quality greatly appreciated.

The Arbequina is characterized by its strong resistance to cold temperatures, reduced its force and low resistance ground limestone. The size of the fruit is between one and two grams, one of the smaller varieties grown in Spain.

We recommend using this oil raw for salads, vegetables and pasta.

Our oil Arbequina served in various formats: by catering to individual clients, family …

Our extra virgin olive oil thought to be the most demanding tables of restaurants, which offer only the best products to their customers.

We also found the package in elegant dark glass bottle or plastic that protects the oil lamp and preserved all the qualities. The container can not be refilled, adapting well to the current regulation of the sector.

Oil delicatessen. We invite you to know our gourmet oil mono varietal extra virgin unfiltered, packaging canned liter, which dazzle your best dishes.

The production of our oil Arbequina is kept to the smallest detail by our staff fully qualified and the latest technologies pressing.

Arbequina oil for the best tables.



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