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organic olive oil

Organic olive oil Arbequina. The mill Suner is certified by the CCPA (Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production) which guarantees the consumer that the techniques used in organic farming are respectful of the environment and people, and the product is of the highest quality.

With our beginnings in 1936, we have Suner oils in adapting to the different technologies for oil pressing that have emerged with the passage of time. That campaign 2014-2015 when we started to produce virgin Arbequina olive oil organic.

Benefits of organic olive oil

The organic olive oil is very healthy, contains no synthetic additives or pesticides. Lack of GMOs and contains no antibiotic. The organic oil is completely sustainable with the environment and nature contains maximum levels of quality as well as enhance much more authentic flavor of products.

The Arbequina

Arbequina olive oil is obtained exclusively from olives of this variety. From fruity aroma with citrus tones and predominantly sweet taste of excellence and quality greatly appreciated.

The Arbequina is characterized by its strong resistance to cold temperatures, reduced its force and low resistance ground limestone. The size of the fruit is between one and two grams, one of the smaller varieties grown in Spain.


Starting from the 2014/2015 campaign we are producing an oranic extra virgin olive oil from arbequina olives. The Suñer Olive Mill is certified by the CCPAE (Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica), which assures the consumer that the methods used in the agricultural production conform to the requirements of environmental protection, and that the products are of best quality. All the flavor and aroma of the arbequina olives is captured in dark glass bottles of 500ml capacity, that protect from light and air and preserve all its qualities.


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