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Organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil to be primarily a food-cooking. The oil extracted from the fruit of the olive tree harvested. Olive pulp extract reached about a third of the oil. This is why a long year where pressure is exerted techniques used to obtain this oil.

A Wine and Oils Suner process we use for the production of oil is carried out with organic methods. Below you can see the steps to follow its production.

Our mill certification Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPA) guarantees all respect for the environment and natural product that respects the environment.

The main use of oil is used in food but also other areas such as cosmetics due to their vast properties. For many years oil has been used as a tonic, hydrating balm, refreshing the skin or hair, etc. In recent years it has evolved and has created a great interest in the scientific community.

Extra virgin olive oil organic wines and oils Suner is elaborated by experts and down to the smallest detail throughout the production process.

Discover the taste of our varieties

In addition to gastronomy and health, olive oil is also part of our culture. To appreciate the value of the different varieties of olives and olive oils, we need to taste and recognize their organoleptic characteristics.
The choice of an olive oil selected for its particular characteristics will highlight many dishes and add considerably to their taste.

Environmental Protection and Superior Quality


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