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Organic Oil

Organic oil from the first pressing of superior, high excellence for its aroma, the taste of fresh olives and its nutritional properties.

For generations, the family business oils Suner has been dedicated to the development of the oil respecting the tradition and the surrounding environment.

Our olive groves are located in the town of broom, located in the valley of the Ebro. The Mediterranean climate and characteristics of soil, watered by the river, which gives special attributes is our oil.

With our beginnings in 1936, we have Suner oils in adapting to the different technologies for oil pressing that have emerged with the passage of time.

In addition to food and health culture is also oil and, therefore, we want to grant value to the varieties of our region and deepen the tasting and recognition of these oils organoleptic own.

Among our organic olive oil varieties are: Arbequina, willow leaf, grafting, and blend.

The quality of our organic oil has been backed by consumers of our physical store for years, you can now enjoy our oil at home from any part of the territory and with only a click.


For generations the family business Olis Suñer has dedicated itself to the production of olive oil, respecting both environment and tradition, but being open to innovations in land cultivation.
We are proud to offer you Extra Virgine Olive Oils of the highest quality, with their excellent nutritional values, aroma and the taste of fresh olives.

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In addition to gastronomy and health, olive oil is also part of our culture. To appreciate the value of the different varieties of olives and olive oils, we need to taste and recognize their organoleptic characteristics.
Let us enjoy it together! Visit us for a taste of the different varieties at the Boutique located at the Molí Suñer.

Suñer Olive Oil originates from their own estates situated in Ginestar. Traditional cultivation alternates with high intensity cultivation.

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