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Catalan wine

Catalan wine of the best quality. A Wine and oils offer white wine and rosé wine. As for the wine we have Merlot and Merlot Aging.

White is a wine that can be made from white grape varieties or grapes from white pulp. It is obtained by fermentation without the skins and seeds removed.

Rogier wine (pink) are necessary touch of wine to give you this rose hue, intensity of tone will be marked by the technique that has been used for its production.

Black, as the word suggests it is a wine produced with grapes. Depending on the aging is done in barrels of wine get young wines, crianzas, reservations or large reserves.

Our wine is characterized by the situation of the territory in which it is, broom. The population of Ginestar is located in the Lands of the Ebro, a unique both for its proximity to the sea and the mountains, making the land to benefit the fabulous Mediterranean climate, ideal for growing vines as much of Olives.

A Wine and Oils Suner offer the best Catalan wine, with hints and flavors very characteristic and not disappoint any palate.


1st at FIO Móra la Nova 2014
2nd at DO Tarragona 2014
1st at DO Tarragona 2015
1st at DO Tarragona 2016

Merlot Rose

La PocaVergonya



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