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Tradition in land cultivation

Ribera d’Ebre is a region with great winemaking tradition. Ginestar is located in the Ebre Valley. The Mediterranean weather and the characteristics of the soil, irrigated by the river, are the ones that provide special attributes to our products.

Our cellar is placed in the lower floor of “Pepe House”, a historical house in Ginestar from the early XX century. In Suñer winery we produce single-varietal wines with the varieties Merlot and Macabeo, traditional variety from Ribera d’Ebre. Microvinifications that reflect the identity of our land.

In our oil mill we produce extra virgin olive oil with the most traditional varieties from Catalonia, Arbequina and Fulla de Salze, autochthonous from Ribera d’Ebre. Olive oil from own harvest that’s born out of the balance between the knowledge from generations and the innovation in the most advanced techniques of extraction and conservation.

Vins i Olis Suñer - Our Wines

Vins i Olis Suñer - Our Olive Oils

Ribera d’Ebre belongs to “Terres del Ebre Biosphere Reserve” and our company is attached to this brand with the objective of developing the land in a sustainable way.

Olive and wine tourism

We invite you to get to know the culture and gastronomy of Terres d’Ebre region. Visits that awake your five senses: the vines, the cellar, the wines, pairing and tasting. A wide offer of sensations to get out of the routine.

We are passioned about bringing our products and environment closer to everyone, that’s why we have prepared activities in wine and olive oil tourism, waiting for you to discover them.

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