OUR WINE, Experience and youth

Today, father and daughter bring together expertise and youth to offer you a wine produced with tenderness. We take care of each one of the process’ steps to present every year a selected and limited production that represents the identity of our land.

Our wines from Merlot come from organic agriculture. They are certified by the Catalan Council for Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPAE), entity in charge of regulating top quality products that respect the environment.

Suñer winery belongs to Tarragona’s Denomination of Origin (DO), a denomination with an enormous history, one of the oldest in the State and great diversity as well, a diversity that makes it rich and unique. We are also part of Cellers Singulars Association, a group of family wineries from DO Tarragona.

In Cellers Singulars we’re characterized by being young entrepreneurs willing to help each other and increase the value of the land, our cellars and our wines.

Our philosophy is based in single-varietal wines, that allow you to discover the nuances of each variety and the character of the terroir. We work with the varieties Merlot and Macabeo.

Merlot Vinyard

3.5 hectares planted in 1999 in a stony and dry land located 200 meter above sea level.

Macabeo Vineyard

Our white grape vines are located by the Ebre riverbank, in a sandy limestone soil. From there we get Acàcia and Macabeu de Ginestar wines.

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