OUR OLIVE OIL. Tradition and evolution

For generations, Suñer family has produced olive oil with respect of the environment and tradition, persevering in the work of the land and research. We’re pleased to offer you an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, keeping in excellent conditions all the nutrients, aroma and taste of the fresh olive.

Suñer offers you first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Taken directly from the olives and using only  mechanical procedures. Our olive oil is certified by Catalan Council for Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPAE), entity in charge of regulating top quality products that respect the environment.

Production process of Suñer’s olive oil

1.The olive trees

Suñer’s olive oil comes from own properties located in Ginestar. We use two types of crops, the traditional centennial crop and the super-intensive crop. Arbequina variety, recently introduced in our production is planted in super-intensive crops, while Fulla de Salze variety comes from traditional centennial olive trees.


In the optimum moment of maturation, we harvest the different varieties. This harvest is done between October and November. The super-intensive crops allow the olives to be picked mechanically, reducing the harvest and pressing time, guarantying also the quality of the future olive oil. The harvest and press are performed in one hour making sure the olive doesn’t fall to the ground.

4.Ecologic olive mill

We have 5 thermomixers with capacity of 1000kg that create an inert environment using nitrogen and keep the mixing temperature to 27°C, this guarantees the preservation of aroma and taste characteristics. In our oil mill facilities in Ginestar, there are two continuous two-phases or ecologic extraction lines that allow us to have complete hygiene control in every step of the process, the minimal manipulation and time effectiveness when making the oil. Suñer’s oil mill also offer this service to external individuals.


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