Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fulla de Salze 250 ml.

The oil for the best restaurants. We present you our extra virgin olive oil, created to put on the tables of the most demanding restaurants. Bottled in an elegant dark glass or plastic that protects it from the light keeping all of its properties intact. The bottle cannot be refilled, fulfilling the quality measures.

VAT included.

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The variety Fulla de Salze is autochthonous from Ribera d’Ebre. An olive tree with long history in the region trying to find a place in the high quality industry of olive oil.

Our centennial olive trees from this variety produce a small and selected amount of olives, giving us a unique olive oil and autochthonous from our land. 

Oil gentle to the palate, flavorful and aromatic. Balanced between bitter and spicy, fruity with mentholated notes.

Suggestion of consumption: unlike other famous olive oils, this one is perfect for meat, fish, appetizers, salads and any other dish to provide a special taste.   

Maximum acidity: 0.2°

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