Moska Negra Wine

D.O.: Tarragona
Harvest: 2018
Grape variety: 100% organic Merlot                                                                                                                                                                                Aging: one year in French oak and 6 months in bottle

NOTE: It’s possible to buy one unit or a 6 units box. We make discount for the purchase of a box.
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“It awakens in the glass wishful to express itself”

Vinification: The grapes destined for this wine come from organic vineyards, they are harvested by hand, selecting the best berries in the field. The grapes come into the cellar immediately after harvest, making sure excellent conditions are kept. The alcoholic fermentation is controlled at 28°C and the malolactic fermentation starts spontaneously in the French oak barrels, where the wine spends one year approximately. After bottling, the wine will age 6 months in the bottle before its commercialization. Alcohol content 14.5% vol.

Tasting notes: Bright cherry red with dark depth. Intense aromas of ripe red fruit, combined with licorice and spices coming from the aging in oak. In the mouth the attack is soft, opulent structure where the sweetness of the ripe tannins contrasts with the freshness of the underwood. Long-lasting finale with hints of fig and raisins.

Image: Our Merlot aged in French oak, its name comes from the typical insect of Ribera d’Ebre. An expressive powerful wine, just as the Mosca Negra’s bite!

Pairing: Grilled or stewed game meat, lamb, aged and strong flavored cheeses.

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